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99.99% Disinfection of Airborne Coronavirus

99.99% disinfection of airborne Coronavirus with the GRU-V® UV Air Disinfection Unit from ALRAD Instruments

The best way to deal with airborne viruses to minimise cross infection is to flush them out with fresh air.  Open windows, doors or set ventilation systems to avoid recirculated air..

Or.. if you can't do that...

You can use the GRU-V® to make your own 'Covid-fresh' air.

Our UV systems for air treatment will provide 99.99% disinfection of SARS-CoV-2 in the air going through the system, this helps to greatly reduce the airborne pathogens in the vicinity of the unit.

The GRU-V® is a wall-mounted air disinfection device which uses 254nm ultraviolet light to disable microorganisms.  Thanks to it's rigid construction, stainless steel materials and shatter-proof bulbs, the GRU-V® is ideal for use in industry, small businesses, food stores, bakeries, reception areas, offices, medical practices and care facilities.

The GRU-V® air purifier produces no harmful particles, no biocides, no odours and no harmful chemicals.  

Dramatically decrease the amount of airborne micro-organisms found in your facility by installing the GRU-V air purifier

air disinfection device

Features and Benefits

  • No ozone, no biocides, no harful particles or chemicals, no replacement filters
  • High grade food-safe materials with shatter-proof UV lamps
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low cost spare parts

The Science

UV-C light has been used for over 100 years to disinfect surfaces and air.

Ultraviolet light is a wavelength of light that is shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays.  The UV-C band of ultraviolet light has been known for it's germicidal properties for over 100 years and was first implemented to reduce the spread of TB in hospitals.

ultraviolet light germicidal properties

UV-C light is high energy and is absorbed by the RNA and DNA of viruses like Covid-19.  It is also effective against bacteria and fungal spores.  When too much energy is absorbed by the virus DNA it damages the nucleic acids, making the microorganisms unable to infect or reproduce.


ultraviolet light germicidal properties


For more information and to purchase, please contact the ALRAD Sales Team on +44(0)1635 303435 or click the following link:  UV AIR DISINFECTION