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ALRAD Advision 5000 SERIES AI and Deep Learning machine vision development kit

development kit
Are you looking to develop embedded vision systems with AI and Deep Learning capability ? 
We have partnered up with The Imaging Source and NVIDIA to provide you with an exciting new embedded vision, AI and deep learning development kit, designed for use in Industry, R&D and Education and allowing you to develop your embedded applications immediately with pre-built images and layers for the supported platforms.

ALRAD’s new Advision 5000 Series of embedded vision development kits support the new MIPI CSI-2 and FPD-Link III Modules from The Imaging Source. Each kit consists of a MIPI CSI-2 camera board with M12 format lens, serialiser and deserialiser boards and 1 meter compact coaxial cable for the FPD-Link, this is supplied together with an NVIDIA Jetson Nano GPU processing board with 32GB SD Memory.

For applications where longer cable lengths are required between the camera head and GPU processing unit, such as placing imaging at the end of robot arms, FPD-Link III will allow you to use a compact coaxial cable with up to 15m length and provides simultaneous data transmission, control channels and power over a single compact coaxial cable.

For more information, or to purchase one of our industrial / educational embedded development kits, please do not hesitate to contact us, and make sure that you are ahead of the game when it comes to new technology!