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NEWSIGHT IMAGING range of CMOS Line and Area image sensors now available from ALRAD

Newsight Imaging develops affordable CMOS image sensor-based chips, which can be customized for high volume markets in the following application areas: Automotive visual safety solutions,  Autonomous home appliance robots providing sharp and clear images that accurately map the indoor environment, Drones using laser LiDAR,  Bar Code Scanners,  AR/VR, Automation and Industry 4.0.  Here are some examples of the sensors:

The NSI1000 imager is designed for applications such as Robotics LiDAR and AR/VR,. The sensor is composed of 32 rows x 1024 pixels, and another 4 rows x 1024 pixels which are analog binned to form an ultra-high sensitive matrix. The NSI1000 supports programmable frame rates; Multiline Triangulation; Automatic exposure control to avoid saturation from close objects and enhanced sensitivity for distant objects; Automatic peak detection for Triangulation and per-frame configuration allows on-the-fly reactions to events.

The NSG3500 is a self contained line sensor which resets itself, configures itself and starts sending vision processed data out using a variety of interfaces. The internal low power processor (Cortex M4) can be programmed using standard development kits and can manage systems using GPIO ports.   The Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU processor supports a set of DSP instructions which allow complex algorithm execution within its embedded Arm® core and is compatible with all Arm® tools and software.

The NSI3000 CMOS Image Sensor Chip is designed for Machine Vision applications. It is composed of 8 rows of 2048 pixels each, of which 4 rows are of 4µm x 8µm pixels and 4 rows are of 4µm x 4µm pixels. Binning the large pixels provides Ultra-high sensitivity while using the small pixels provide a fine signal with an effective resolution of 8192 pixels. The NSI3000 supports programmable high frame rate speeds, allowing better analysis and reaction to events.

Image shows NSI3000 + Evaluation board

Full information can be found at the following link:  https://alrad.com/collections/newsight-imaging