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ALRAD Instruments - Introducing MinMoe - The TOUCH-FREE Temperature Screening Solution

As people are getting back to work and daily routines, it is important for businesses to maximise the efficiency of their access control systems under the new normal situation, which requires safe and fast temperature screening, access and attendance data, as well as visitor management.
The MinMoe touch-free temperature screening terminal is used to give people an easier way to enter a building, record attendance and simultaneously check temperature without having to touch a terminal or gate, using face recognition and thermographic technologies. The touch-free nature of the terminal makes access easier and safer, and is suitable for long-term temperature screening with access control for any scenario where there is a high footfall of people. It can also be configured to allow for people to ‘self-check’ their temperature.

Key Features:

Temperature screening with thermographic technology

  • Temperature measuring range: 30°C – 45°C; accuracy: 0.1 ° C, deviation: ± 0.5 °C
  • Authentication distance: 0.3m – 2.0m
  • Displays temperature results and abnormal temperature prompt alarm
  • Mask not-wearing alert
  • Supports temperature screening of people who are wearing masks

Touch-free access and attendance

  • Face recognition speed <0.2s; accuracy rate over 99%
  • Recognition in low-light environments, even in complete darkness
  • Less chance of disease transmission than fingerprint touch

HikCentral - Temperature Screening

  • Temperature and mask statistics for all or staff-only with report
  • Attendance report and one-click correction for people with abnormal temperature
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