ALRAD Instruments invites you to join the Newsight Imaging enhanced Time-of-Flight eTOF™ Webinar

Newsight Imaging presents its enhanced Time-Of-Flight eTOF™ technology in the company’s upcoming webinar, scheduled for Monday, August 3rd, 2020, at 4 PM CEST.

Learn how you can achieve multi-point 3D depth-sensing at the lowest price with high accuracy over 85 Meters range with up to 100,000 fps and using low power laser technology  with the NSI1000 CMOS sensor from Newsight Imaging.

Please click on the following link to join the webinar and learn all about the game-changing qualities of the patented technology, and to review a demo of the NSI100 features.

The NSI1000 & eTOF™ Webinar


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