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Alrad divisions

During the past 12 months we have been expanding our activities and portfolio with exciting new products from our existing partners and a range of new suppliers. 

With this recent expansion we have divided our portfolio into 6 technology areas to help provide clarity, the details and links for each technology division are shown below:

ALRAD IMAGING                         

Cameras for Machine Vision, Medical, Industrial, Automation and Embedded Applications, Optics, Lighting, Frame Grabbers and Accessories.  For all wavelengths including UV, NUV, Visible, NIR, IR and SWIR.

ALRAD PHOTONICS                        

Laser Diode Modules, Photodiodes, Thermopiles, Gratings, Grisms and Optical elements including filters, large optics and viewing angle test systems for electronic displays.

ALRAD ELECTRONICS                    

Laser Projectors, Current Monitors, Pulse Generators and Radiation Detection and Monitoring Systems, XRF and Button Furnaces.

ALRAD THERMAL                           

Thermal Imaging for Industrial, Automation, Inspection, Process Control and Automotive Applications.

ALRAD MEDICAL                            

Air Purification Systems, Thermographic Temperature Screening, Ultra-Violet Sterilisation, Cameras for Endoscopy, Remote Head and Microscopy, Industrial PPE and Molecular Detection Systems. 

ALRAD VACUUM                            

Vacuum related product including Chanel Electron Multipliers, Arrays, Long Distance Microscopes for remote viewing of vacuum chambers, Image Sensors for Space and Research applications.


ALRAD On-Line Exhibition:  We have recently added an online EXHIBITION section giving an overview of our technology, the link can be found here:  ALRAD ON-LINE EXHIBITION   We will be adding more presentations during the course of the year.

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