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Announcing our new YantraVision Distribution Partnership

We are very pleased to announce our new Distribution Partnership with YantraVision.

The new Falcon Series FPGA Integrated Machine Vision products from YantraVision are now available from ALRAD Instruments, designed for high-speed hard real-time applications and featuring FPGA Integrated Camera, Framegrabber+ and FPGA IP Overlays.


Benefits of FPGA Integrated MV Products:

FPGA processors can handle high speeds and can be configured for different applications, taking advantage of hardware parallelism while retaining the flexibility to reprogram similar software.

FPGA Integrated Machine Vision products can be used either for pre-processing requirements along with PC based systems or for building complete systems for high speed hard real-time applications.

In order to reduce load on downstream systems, FPGA integrated products are used for high speed capture and image pre-processing like crop, binarization and transformation.

For high speed hard real-time applications with cycle times in micro seconds, FPGA integrated products are used for capture, image processing and interface with output actuators.

Key Highlightsof the range

Programmable Hardware:

  • High processing speed
  • Low response time
  • Reprogrammable

Custom Vision Library:

  • HW optimized algorithms
  • Complex applications
  • Cost effective

Efficiency & Reliability:

  • Low power
  • Less physical space
  • Linux based system

Application Examples

Pharmaceutical Applications:


Tablet Inspection Falcon Series products can be used to detect broken, defective tablets / capsules at high speeds ensuring no loss in productivity.

Textile Applications:


Cotton Contamination Sorting Falcon Series products are used to process images of cotton flowing in a chamber at 20 m/s and send eject signals to pneumatic ejectors that eject contaminants.

Print Applications:


Carton Inspection Falcon Series products are used to inspect print quality and accuracy at high speeds for both inline and offline requirements.

Agri Processing Applications:


Rice / Pulse Falcon Series products are used to capture and process images of 50 K+ grains per second and send reject signals to pneumatic ejectors that eject defective grains.

For more details, please see the YantraVision range:  YantraVision or contact the ALRAD Team on +44(0)1635 30345