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Applications for Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging has been in the spotlight recently because of the COVID19 pandemic, but measuring human temperatures is only one of a wide range of applications that benefits from Infrared cameras.

This article covers a wide range of industrial applications where Thermal Imaging can be helpful in detecting faults and defects.

Alrad Imaging is keen to help you find the right solution for your application, so let us look at how Thermal Imaging can help you.

Thermal Imaging is used in the Automotive industry as a non destructive testing tool for quality checks on every electrical system, motor assemblies and window heating elements.
Industries dealing with hazardous and non-hazardous chemical materials can benefit from infrared cameras helping to detect the resulting heat flow from chemical processes.
Electrical systems and electrical distribution equipment can benefit from the application of infrared cameras and thermography technology. Things like loose contacts, overheating or poor connections can be detected by thermal imagers.

Inspections of mechanical components is an important area for thermal imaging detecting overheating in bearings, increased discharge temperatures, and excessive oil temperatures in pumps, compressors, fans, and blowers or detecting air leaks or overheating in many components.

In the area of security thermal Imaging cameras are used by police to detect criminals. I am sure we have all seen TV pictures of the police in a helicopter locating criminals at night using Thermal Imaging cameras. But this technology can also be used by the fire fighters to locate people in smoke filled rooms or by border security personal.

Infrared thermography cameras offer a powerful alternative when studying structural situations or testing materials in a non-destructive manner. If you want to improve energy efficiency and help in the fight against climate change, improving building structure to remove energy loss and resource wasting it will be greatly aided with the use of infrared cameras.

As we said at the beginning Infrared cameras help in the fight against COVID 19 but this is only one of its benefits in medical applications where they can be used to help detect cancer earlier, locate the source of arthritis, and even catch circulation issues before they become too problematic as well as discover muscular and skeletal problems early on before they become a serious problem.

In the world of metallurgy infrared thermography can help reduce energy consumption by detecting defects in the insulation of heating chambers, cracks in pans, or issues with similar devices.
Predictive Maintenance is a large application area for Thermal imaging cameras. Plant inspections require the highest quality in monitoring to check all possible faults that may cause accidents or pose a threat to safety of its employees.

This is just a brief summary of the applications where Thermal Imaging can help you.

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