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ALRAD has partnered with BlueVision Ltd. of Japan to provide advanced Visible and SWIR spectroscopic imaging cameras which use their proprietary prism optics to combine up to 2,3 or 4 separate sensors into one camera package. 
The benefit of this technology is that images at multiple wavelengths can be obtained via one optic or lens. Examples of the cameras available include:
  • 2 wavelength Polarised Bi-Focal line scan cameras
  • 2 sensor SWIR, Visible and combined SWIR / Visible wavelength line scan cameras
  • Single sensor SWIR Area and Linescan cameras
  • 2 sensor Visible and NIR Area Scan cameras
  • 3 sensor 2K and 4K CMOS Line Scan Cameras
  • A range of line scan Lenses for spectroscopic cameras operating in both visible and SWIR wavelengths
At the other end of the spectrum, Bluevision offers an ESD visualising camera operating in the UV wavelengths to image ESD issues in production processes.
There are many uses for these novel cameras in industrial and scientific applications. One example is the detection of moisture in agricultural products (eg in grain) with the use of a single 2 sensor SWIR camera operating at 2 wavelengths. By tuning one SWIR camera’s wavelength to the region where water appears opaque and then subtracting the image from the other sensor you are left with a narrow wavelength image clearly showing the moisture present.

As well as the standard cameras in the range, customisation of the prisms and hence wavelength passed can be arranged for applications working at wavelengths defined by the customer.