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Expand your testing capability and accelerate your photonics system development with the World Star Tech Laser Analyser

laser analyser

Powerful yet compact, Laser Diode Analyser is a standalone instrument that includes all you need to quantify key laser diode parameters of interest. The Laser Diode Analyser is designed for laser parametric analysis. Generate high resolution LIV ( light, current, voltage) curves in seconds, revealing diode parameters such as threshold current and slope efficiency. View the results on the modern touchscreen interface or connect the system to your computer to download and process the data. The high-performance smart driver automatically detects your laser diode pinout and can drive the laser diode in auto-current or auto-power control modes. The integrated TEC controller maintains your diode at its operating temperature ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements. Multiple levels of laser diode protection include adjustable current limiters, automatic pinout detection, and frequent sensor range checks. Passcodeprotection prevents the system from being used by unauthorised personnel. Multiple operator roles allow a manager to lock in system parameters, eliminating the risk of accidentally changing settings which could damage a diode or invalidate results. Hardware interlocks can be connected to disable the laser if desired Included with the system is a calibrated optical power meter and a thermally controlled laser head for 5.6 mm package laser diodes. A sliding quick-change mechanism makes it easy to exchange laser diodes between tests. 3.8 mm and 9 mm package laser diode laser heads are available upon request. Custom connectors to test butterfly laser diode packages and user designed laser heads can also be used.

laser analyser
Key Features:
• Fast and accurate LIV curve generation with 0.1 mA resolution
• 15-bit laser power meter resolution
• Drive current up to 500 mA
• 3 W output temperature controller
• Password protection, hardware interlock and overcurrent shut-off circuitry for safety
• Built-in smart driver for diode pinout autodetection and temperature control
• Touchscreen control and accompanying Windows software
For more details and ordering, please contact our ALRAD Photonics Team on +44 (0)1625 30345 or click on the following link:  Laser Diode Analyser