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Human Body Temperature Measurement and Screening Solution for COVID-19

New from ALRAD - The Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution is a complete front line Human Temperature Measurement screening system for multi-person, non-contact automatic measurement. In times of epidemics such as the current Coronavirus COVID19 outbreak, this system can be quickly deployed at busy activity hubs such as: airports, railway stations, hospitals and schools. In non-epidemic times for precautionary purposes at ports of entry, kitchens and kindergartens. The Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution consists of 4 main parts: 1) Temperature measurement: consisting of a temperature reference blackbody unit for accurate referencing to +/-0.3 degrees C and two thermal/visible hybrid network camera options. 2) Accessories: Power adapter, tripod and camera adapter. 3) Storage and analysis: Intelligent Video Surveillance Server and Network Video Recorder. 4) Display: Three monitor range options This system has already been deployed to help combat the current COVID19 outbreak and is operational in many locations. For more information please see the following link: https://alrad.com/collections/systems-medical-systems