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Image Sensors for Space Applications

Four key mission requirements for image sensors in space can be as follows: 1) Geo-stationary Remote Sensing - these missions need large, high pixel count and high dynamic range sensors in order to acquire images with good SNR and no saturation in both dark and bright areas of the earth disc. 2) Sun-synchronous remote sensing - these missions require elongated devices to cover the full swath of the satellite. Depending upon ground resolution short integrations time, high sensitivity and low noise are necessary. 3) Science missions - require devices with a very long life time, cooled to very low temperatures during the hibernation period or operated at very high temperatures when approaching their final goal. 4) Optical communication - requires accurate pointing of telescopes and detection of faint signals. When transmission to earth is concerned the wavefront is measured to guarantee the beam integrity. Alrad Imaging provides a range of Image sensors including the Caeleste range of sensors for Space applications, these include large area devices, Hyperspectral and TDI devices, Radiation hardened devices and sensors for X-ray, UV, NIR, IR and cryogenic use.