Midwest Optical Systems - New Filter Release - BP340 Near-UV Bandpass Filter

BP340 Near-UV Bandpass Filter

BP340 Near-UV Bandpass filters are an economical yet highly transmissive/high contrast alternative to far more costly thin film interference filters. The BP340 design combines rugged dielectric coatings and absorptive filter glass to ensure a highly stable passband and excellent out-of-band blocking.

• Useful Range: 315-365nm
• FWHM: 80nm
• Peak Transmission: ≥90%
• CWL: 340nm
• Thickness: 1mm
• Mounted sizes from M13.25–M105
• Unmounted sizes available up to 165mm
• Compatible LED: 340nm

For more information, please call the ALRAD Team on +44(0)1635 30345 or see the following link:  ALRAD Filters




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