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New DEEP-UV (UV-C) LEDs and Cold Cathode Lamps for Bacteria and Virus Sterlization

ALRAD Instruments is pleased to announce a new range of Deep UV (UV-C) LEDs and CCFL UV-C Lamp technology from Stanley - technology designed for a safer world.

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) threat to humanity highlights the global hygiene risks present from our homes to the wider society, it also shows that taking countermeasures (sterilization/disinfection) against these risks is necessary and effective. Everything we come in contact with (water, air, any object) requires countermeasures to be taken effectively through various methods, one of these methods is the use of Deep Ultraviolet light.  The sterilizing effect of Stanley Electric's UVC technology can help to protect people from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria and viruses multiply by replicating the genetic material found in the nucleus of living cells, thus leading to infections and onset of illness.
The DNA and RNA located within bacteria and viruses possesses the genetic material necessary for proliferation.
The UV-C wavelength range of light (ranging from around 100nm to 280 nm can change, rearrange and inactivate the "strands" constituting the helical structure of DNA/RNA in bacteria and viruses and hence UV sterilization becomes possible.

 ALRAD Instruments provides the line-up of UVC devices including LED and Cold Cathod lamp technology - for more details, please see the following link in the ALRAD Medical devices section:  Link:   Deep UV (UV-C) LEDs for Sterilization.