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New: EyeVision 4 Vision Software with 64Bit Operating System

ALRAD Instruments is pleased to announce and supply the New EyeVison 4 (64Bit Operating System based) Vision Software from EyeVision Technology

eyevision 4 software

EyeVision 4 is the machine vision software for all solutions and also advanced applications including areas such as 1, 2D, 3D, thermography, multispectral and hyperspectral vision. EyeVision 4 is not dependant on hardware, it is a flexible concept and allows all types of camera vendors or interfaces, either Standard USB, GigE, FireWire, CoaXPress or Camera Link to work. The huge selection of different inspection applications makes the EyeVision 4 universally applicable, whilst the flexible graphical configurable command set allows nearly all kinds of Machine Vision tasks to be solved with a simple mouse click, improving time to market and ensuring 100% inspection of your products.

EyeVision 4 application areas include: 1D and 2D measurement and evaluation, 3D area profiling, position control, surface inspection, thermography capture and evaluation, hyperspectral Imaging, Colour and Greyscale imaging, error detection and contour inspection to name a few.

The latest software comes with more than 200 new features including Thermal Vision Imaging support, easy support for Parallel and Multiprocessing applications, a new colour toolset with full LAB support for discriminating up to 16 million colours. More powerful 3D functions for point cloud, profile and depth imaging are included.  Advanced toolset for reading barcode, DMC, QR and OCR/OCV is featured with completely re-worked communication settings and easy programing with Drag and Drop.  A new program editor with improved operation even for beinners is included and a webserver for easy program access.

For AI applications a new set of Deep Learning and Machine Learning functions are included together with a variety of pre-learned networks for easy and fast training of your customers products.  Additional communications protocols include MQTT and OPC UA.

There are 5 EyeVision software packages, each individually extendable including: Basic, Standard, 3D Profile, Professional, PTT (People Thermal Tracker) and 3D Area.

Operating system requirements are Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), Embedded system: ARM (X986 64 Bit).

For more information, please see the following link:  EyeVision 4