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Product Innovation - New product from Z-Laser: the ZD-520 Green

The ZD-520 green positioning laser is a mini laser module which can project either lines, dots or crosses. Optimised fixed focus or special OEM cable variants are also available. With a diameter of just 11 mm, it can be deployed anywhere and is often used in the textile, metal and timber industries as well as in medical technology. Due to its smaller light spot, the laser module is well suited for very precise processing applications or patterns and impresses with its outstanding visibility.
“Z-Laser have long been aware of the high demand for a low-cost small, green laser module that could be integrated flexibly into the work process. The ZD-520 green is excellently suited for this and Z-Laser are very happy now to be able to meet this need” commented Tony Wright, Alrad Sales Manager, Photonics

There is no apparent difference between this and the standard red ZD modules, as the casing diameter and length are identical. The standard connection is still the two-core cable with Texas plug or open stranded wires. In addition, the green ZD offers a wide input voltage range of 5-24 V DC. As such, the same model can be operated with either a WPSB plug-in power supply unit, an external battery or directly with 24 V DC machine voltage and integrated into existing manufacturing environments.

A real advantage of the ZD-520 green is its visibility: Particularly on dark surfaces or in bright environments, the green projection is 2-3 times easier to see than the red projection. Visibility is also very good on materials with high absorption rates as well as on reflective materials such as copper or gold.
For more information please see the following link: ZD-Green  or call us on +44(0)1635 30345