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Remote Head Cameras from ALRAD Instruments

ALRAD Instruments has a range of Remote Head Cameras for applications including machine vision, industrial inspection, automation and medical use.

These compact and versatile camera systems can be implemented in applications where space is at a premium and traditional cameras with on-board processing are difficult to place.

remote head cameras

Our smallest endoscope type cameras from ScoutCam are available with tiny camera diameters from just 1.2mm and even cameras with built-in Illumination start from 1.6mm diameter upwards, these can be used for industrial inspection and medical applications, customised versions are available to meet your specific needs.

We provide a range of Panasonic Remote Head Cameras for use in medical and industrial applications, these high definition Full HD 1080p format cameras use the latest CMOS sensor technology to deliver crisp high definition images with high resolution up to 1000 TV lines and excellent colour reproduction .  The Panasonic 3MOS micro camera is suitable for many applications, including medical (hospitals, microscopy), industrial (quality control, inspection), life science (research facilities, laboratories) and ProAv (nature documentaries and sport productions). This technology includes functionalities such as digital-zoom, flip, rotate, mirror and freeze-frame capabilities. and can also be controlled via a user friendly OSD on-screen menu and additionally via an MS Windows compatible GUI software. The cameras have HDMI & HD-SDI video outputs and are compliant with the Medical Electrical Standard IEC60601. 

The latest addition to our Remote Head Camera Range is the pCamera-4K range from Enciris.  Offered in both board level and enclosed housing, these 4K (9Mpixel) cameras offer Full 4K UHD recorded/captured files in H.264, mp4, JPEG and PNG format and allow live stream camera video over IP via RTSP protocol. The pCamera-4K hardware CV-420 system uses a PCI express camera board allowing for full 4Kp60 4:2:2 10-bit capture and is significantly faster than USB3 based 4K cameras.  The premium version with embedded Linux will produce a simultaneous 4K UHD image via multiple 4K video output connectors allowing the user to enter data, capture 4K UHD video and 4K UHD still images, live stream video over IP and playback 4K UHD video.  With both Colour and Monochrome 1/3", 1/2" or 2/3" CMOS sensor formats and optional C or CS mount enclosures the cameras are typically used in high-performance medical, laboratory, industrial, aerospace systems and harsh environments. 

For full information on our Remote Head Camera range, please see the following link:  ALRAD Remote Head Cameras  or call the friendly ALRAD Sales Team on +44 1635 30345, we will be happy to help.