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Terahertz Linear Imaging Cameras

Have you considered Terahertz Imaging for your automation conveyor line, laboratory or non-destructive testing environment ? The new 300 GHz linear scanner from Terasens is one of the latest developments in high-speed Terahertz imaging and is supplied in the UK and Ireland by ALRAD Imaging. The 300 GHz linear camera is designed for easy integration into conveyor lines and other mechanical scanning systems and is an excellent tool for non-destructive testing and imaging of a variety of materials in both laboratory and Industrial environments. The 300 GHz linear scanner consists of the 3 main parts: (1) main camera unit, (2) camera's controller / interface unit that can be customised for OEM developers and (3) a 300 GHz source. An external synchronisation feature allows the camera to shoot frames at precisely determined timepoints and synchronise it with any other equipment used in the production line, and, in combination with an external rotary encoder, makes it possible to automatically comply with variations of conveyor belt speed.