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TUCSEN Scientific Cameras - Special Deal

Tucsen Photonics Co., Ltd. specialises in the design and manufacture of scientific imaging cameras for applications whcih have extreme requirements for image fidelity and accuracy. In this highly specialized field, Tucsen provided the world's first back-illuminated sCMOS cameras (Dhyana95 and Dhyana400BSI) for life science research, astronomical discovery, physical microparticle detection, and cutting-edge medical imaging.

The popular high quality embedded camera series (TrueChrome) is used in industrial inspection, pathology, surgical video, jewelry inspection and other industrial applications.The range is completed by standardized industrial cameras and software (MIchrome camera and Mosaic software) that are one of the most popularproduct combinations in the field of general microscopy.

For a short period we have a special offer on the: Dhyana400BSI V2, the FL-20 and FL20BW and the TrueChrome series: TrueChrome AF and TrueChrome 4K Pro:    

tucsen cameras

 For more details on these cameras, please see the following link:   TUCSEN Scientific Cameras   or call the ALRAD Team on +44(0)1635 30345, we will be happy to help.