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UV-C Air Disinfection Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Medical use - The science and the products

ALRAD brings a new series of UV-C Air Disinfection systems to the market, including the GRU-V® UV-C wall mounted air purifier, GRUV-LB® ceiling mounted air purifier, UV Torpedo® and a cabinet UV disinfection system suitable for face mask and other small item disinfection and sterilization.

Air Disinfection

UV-C Light is a proven technology utilised to help reduce and control the spread of infection. At approx. 250-260 nanometres wavelength UV-C light resonates and disrupts DNA/RNA in cell nuclei and viruses, effectively destroying them. By applying this Germicidal UV-C Light the air purifiers fight Covid-19, destroy airborne viruses, Coronavirus, Influenza, MRSA, Tuberculosis, E-Coli, bacteria, germs, moulds and 99.9% of microorganisms, additionally providing cleaner and improved air quality.

We provide various UV Air Disinfection solutions for improving the indoor air quality of residential, commercial, institutional and medical environments.


  • Dramatically improves indoor air quality
  • Destroys thousands of airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, mould, chemicals, VOCs and odours
  • Improves energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs by maintaining clean evaporator coils, free from mould and other microbial growth
  • Reduces absenteeism and building related illnesses
  • Reduces airborne infection rates.

    UV Air Disinfection can protect occupants from Biological Warfare Agents. Germicidal UV Air Disinfection Systems are very efficient in achieving high disinfection rates of biological contaminants (viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds) as well as reducing odours, promoting reactions to inactivate some chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each biological contaminant requires a specific UVC dose in order to achieve its destruction/inactivation.

    In general smaller contaminants such as viruses require lower UVC dose than larger contaminants such as bacteria and moulds. For example, Influenza A virus requires a UVC dose of approximately 6mJ/cm2 in order to achieve 99.9% inactivation (3 log kill). On the other hand, it requires more than 1000mJ/cm2 to achieve similar inactivation level of Aspergillus Niger fungi.

    The GRU-V® Medical UV Light Air Treatment device for example is a wall-mounted unit (can also be suspended horizontally) and uses ultraviolet germicidal radiation to destroy airborne viruses and germs, providing effective air disinfection and sterilization.  The GRU-V® Air Treatment device, is designed to be on continuously, achieving optimum circulation of air within a room, as well as low noise operation. The GRU-V® accommodates two powerful germicidal UV Light Lamps with rated lifetime of 8,000 hours (approximately one year of continuous use). GRU-V® Medical Air Purifiers are manufactured with a rigid stainless steel construction, supplied with shatterproof UVC lamps and do not produce any ozone, harmful particles or odours.


    Our Air disinfection systems are designed to destroy 99.99% of all viruses passing through them.  The systems do NOT collect viruses in filters.  We don’t use filters.  (If you need to remove dust from the air you need a filter).

    CDC are aware of growing evidence of airborne Covid19.  The chart below shows data on survival of Covid19 in air and on various surfaces.  One or more changes of air in a room per hour will make a huge difference:

    Air Disinfection performance

    For more information or to order, please see our range of UV-C Air Disinfection Systems at the following link:  ALRAD Air Disinfection  or call the ALRAD Team on +44 (0)1635 30345