Collection: Diffraction Gratings - Curved Gratings

Bach Research offers a comprehensive range of ruled master and replica gratings both plane and curved for a variety of applications:
For Laboratory Instrumentation – eg monochromators and spectrophotometers -where substrates are typically float glass or pyrex 
For High Power Lasers – used as both intracavity components and output couplers – where substrates are typically copper, stainless steel or invar.
The master grating list includes line spacings from 6.61 to 3600 lines per mm and blaze wavelengths from 75 nm to 77 microns.
In addition, Bach offers a competitive custom ruling service when the requirement is not covered by one of their extensive master inventory.
Bach have a particular expertise in the manufacture of Echelle type gratings and in satisfying the demanding requirements of one-of-a-kind optical hardware that has found itself booked on many space missions, from Voyager to the James Webb Space Telescope due to launch in 2021.
With hundreds of gratings to choose from, our selection of gratings is constantly being increased. If you can't find a particular grating, contact us to see if it can be manufactured.
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