Collection: Frame Grabbers - EPIX

EPIX, Inc. frame grabbers are compatible with a wide range of video formats including: CAMERA LINK, LVDS, NTSC, S-Video, PAL, and many more. From desktops to embedded platforms, we provide digital and analog frame grabbers for a host of applications including document capture, motion analysis, medical inspection, and more. 
23 products
  • PIXCI® SV5
  • PIXCI® SV7
  • PIXCI® SV8
  • PIXCI® A110
  • PIXCI® A310
  • PIXCI® D3X
  • PIXCI® D2X
  • PIXCI® CL2
  • PIXCI® CL1
  • PIXCI® EC1
  • PIXCI® ECB1-34
  • PIXCI ® E4TX2
  • PIXCI® miniH2
  • PIXCI ® EB1mini