Collection: Image Sensors - Caeleste Image Sensors for Space Applications

Large area devices, designed for fault tolerant operation, combine high-speed operation, low noise operation and high dynamic range to cope with unexpected illumination conditions without blooming.
In low orbit missions the ground resolution is almost uniquely determined by the line rate of the image sensors. Hyperspectral devices require the readout of tens, if not hundreds, of lines in a few milliseconds time frame.
Due to special design techniques, their radiation hardened image sensors have low sensitivity of dark signal for Total ionizing dose. Their image sensors are immune against Single event latch-up and single event upsets. Also the effects of SE Functional interrupts can be minimized.
Their experience in other application fields allows them to design reliable sensors in wavelengths ranges outside the visible range. With partner foundries the image sensor processes are optimized for the UV and NIR range. We are also designing ROICs and frontend electronics for dedicated detection materials and FPA’s.
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