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SV-X Series - Rear Converter Lens - Alrad

SV-X Series - Rear Converter Lens

SV-X Series - Rear Converter Lens

Rear converter lens is used to increase the magnification without changing WD and simply attached between camera and lens.    C-Mount

Model Specification:

Model          Opt. Mag.     Sensor Size
SV-1.5X        1.5x               2/3"
SV-2.0X        2.0x               2/3"
SV-2.5X        2.5x               2/3"
SV-3.0XV      3.0x               2/3"
SV-4.0XV      4.0x               2/3"
SV-5.0XV      5.0x               2/3" 
SV-1.5X-1     1.5x              1"
SV-2.0X-1     2.0x              1"


VS Technology is a company that manufacturers Machine Vision Optics. The products include macro, telecentric , line scan, zoom and CCTV lenses.