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Linear Apodizing Filters

Linear Apodizing Filters

Linear Apodizing filters are customizable density gradient filters that have constant density in one direction and variable ND filter in the other direction. Two types: dark in center to clear on the outer edges or clear in center to dark on the outer edges. These filters are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations in optical systems. There are two basic types of these filters: 1) Dark in the center to clear on the outer edges, or 2) Clear in the center to dark on the outer edges.

Custom sizes and densities are available upon request.


Dimensions: Up to 125mm x 25mm
Substrate Materials: BK-7 or equivalent
Optical Density Range: Specify: 0.04 to 1, 2, or 3 (typical)
Clear Aperture: 90% without AR Coating
TWE: < 2 Waves per 25mm
Wavelength Calibration: 632.8nm
Wavelength Range: 375nm - 2000nm
Part Number Substrate Material Size Center Optical Density
R01470-xx BK-7 50 x 25mm Clear Specify
R01471-xx BK-7 75 x 25mm Clear Specify
R01472-xx BK-7 100 x 25mm Clear Specify
R01473-xx BK-7 125 x 25mm Clear Specify
R01480-xx BK-7 50 x 25mm Dark Specify
R01481-xx BK-7 75 x 25mm Dark Specify
R01482-xx BK-7 100 x 25mm Dark Specify
R01483-xx BK-7 125 x 25mm Dark Specify