BV-C2906 - Alrad



BV-C2906 is a SWIR line scan camera with built-in Peltier cooling. Using a 25µm suqre format pixel size InGaAs sensor with 512 pixels and has sensitivity from 900nm to 2550nm. The interface is supported by Gigabit Ethernet and complies with GigE Vision® and GenICamTM. The lens mount is C mount and lenses of 1-inch format or larger can be used. BV-C2906 can be used for inspection of dust, scratches or foreign substances which a visible wavelength camera cannot catch.


  • Line frequency:         13.88KHz(Max.)
  • S/N:                      50dB
  • Synchronization:       Internal/External trigger
  • Interface:                   CameraLink/Gigabit Ethernet(1000BASE-T)
  • Dimensions:              58 x 58 x 115 (W x H x D) mm
  • Weight:                      735g (CL), 725g (GE)