CAE108  12-16 bit ADC - Alrad

CAE108 12-16 bit ADC

CAE108  12-16 bit ADC

The 12-16 bit ADC8 is a standalone version of Caeleste’s on-chip image sensor compatible SARADC family.


Conversion principle: Successive Approximation Register (SAR)

12 bit default nominal resolution

11 ENOB in 12 bit mode

14 bit and 16 bit resolution by in-ADC transparent oversampling, resulting in 12 and 13 ENOB

TID, SEU and SEL radiation tolerant

Accepts pseudo-differential, fully differential and single-ended signals with onchip generated reference

Input sample rate nominal 40 MHz

Analog supply 3.3V

Digital supply 1.8V

differential LVDS / CML output at 480 Mbps nominal rate Application Companion ADC of space image sensors Companion ADC of cryogenic image sensors ADC for nuclear and hazardous environment inspection applications The evaluation kit includes • Ceramic packaged ADC8 • PCB board with socket • Differential BNC input • LVDS output • Demonstration program running on PC via interface