Caeleste Image Sensors for Medical and Life Science

Caeleste Image Sensors for Medical and Life Science

Cutting edge image sensors

Image and photonic sensors are used over a very broad wavelengths range to support medical diagnostics and life-science experiments.


A large part of the medical imaging diagnostics is based on X-ray technology.  Caeleste makes wafer scale devices suited for integrating indirect detection arrays.  Yet we have the capability to bring single photon and even energy resolved X-ray imaging to wafer scale dimensions. Photon imaging pushes the patient doses to the absolute minimum.

X-ray imagers can be based both on indirect or scintillator based detection  as well as on direct detection schemes for ultimate performance.


Optimised, visible light detectors of various sizes can be used for the following disciplines:

  • Protocoling and recording
  • Robotics
    • Imaging aid
    • Collision avoidance
  • Endoscopy
  • (In-Situ) tissue analysis
    • spectroscopy based
    • OCT based
    • Stimulated emission based (Raman and Fluorescence)
  • Retinal implants

Caeleste can create fast framing devices with low noise and high dynamic range, which can be adjusted over a broad range of parameters.

Electrons and other particles

Consider applications as

  • electron microscopy
  • dosimetry and spectrometry of X-ray, gamma, neutrons, protons and many other sources in the medical field.

TEM picture, detail of fly brain (Caeleste device)