Dhyana 400BSI V3 - Alrad
Dhyana 400BSI V3 - Alrad
Dhyana 400BSI V3 - Alrad

Dhyana 400BSI V3

Dhyana 400BSI V3  -  BSI sCMOS camera designed to be lighter and to use less power for easier integration into small spaces

  • 95% QE @ 600 nm
  • 6.5 μm x 6.5 μm
  • 2048 (H) x 2048 (V)
  • 100 fps @ 4.2 MP
  • CameraLink & USB3.0

Lighter and Requiring Less Power

With a weight of only 995g and a low power consumption of only 45W, the Dhyana 400BSI V3 is the lightest and most energy-efficient camera in its class, making it ideal for integrating and fitting into small spaces.


The frame rate of the Dhyana 400BSI V3 has been increased to 100fps, an upgrade to the Dhyana 400BSI V2, reaching the limit readout speed of 4MP resolution in CameraLink mode. You can also reduce the ROI to increase the frame rate further.

Rolling Shutter Control Mode

The Dhyana 400BSI V3 uses our newly developed technology, Rolling Shutter Control Mode, which allows users to add defined line time delays or slit heights to synchronize scanning modes in applications such as Light-Sheet Microscopy.