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Dhyana 400BSI V2

Dhyana 400BSI V2  -  Pixel correction, DSNU/PRNU calibration, more accurate quantitative analysis

To improve the overall performance of the camera, the Dhyana 400BSI V2 was calibrated in DSNU (dark signal nonuniformity) and PRNU (photo response non-uniformity) characteristically. After calibration, the DSNU value reduced from 0.3e- to 0.2e-, the PRNU value reduced from 1.6% to 0.3%. Thus the new upgraded camera has a more sophisticated capabilities, making it more suitable for quantitative analysis applications.

Pixel correction

Top-level cooling technology to reduce the impact of noise

Dhyana 400BSI V2 advanced cooling mode can further reduce the impact of noise on imaging: compared to 1.2e- readout noise and 0.2e-DSNU, the dark curret corresponding to 100ms is less than 0.02e-. In high-end imaging applications,dark current becomes negligible.

Wide spectral response range, high sensitivity

With its ultra-low noise, the advantage of the quantum efficiency in Dhyana 400BSI V2 is very significant. This is a huge breakthrough for scien-tific applications, not only in the visible region, but also in the ultraviolet and near-infrared.

quantum efficiency

74fps using CameraLink, 40fps using USB3.0, faster data capture

In addition to the signal to noise ratio advantage, the Dhyana 400BSI V2 has enhanced transmission speed, on one hand though the new CameraLink interface to meet the needs of high-end imaging research for higher frame rates, on the other hand through hardware improvements that increase the USB 3.0 throughput. These have achieved the ultimate transfer rate of 74fps with CameraLink and 40fps with USB3.0 at 4.2 MP full resolution.

rows and frame rates