EyeVision 4    64Bit Operating System - Alrad
EyeVision 4    64Bit Operating System - Alrad
EyeVision 4    64Bit Operating System - Alrad
EyeVision 4    64Bit Operating System - Alrad
EyeVision 4    64Bit Operating System - Alrad

EyeVision 4 64Bit Operating System

EyeVision 4    64Bit Operating System
The Vision Software for all Use Cases EyeVision 4 the machine vision software for solutions and all kind of applications, such as 1, 2D, 3D, thermography and hyperspectral. EyeVision 4 is not depending on hardware. A flexible concept allows all kind of camera vendors or interfaces either Standard USB, GigE, FireWire, CoaXPress or Camera Link it works! This property together with the outstandingly large selection of different inspection demands makes the EyeVision 4 extremely universally applicable. The flexible graphical configurable command set allows to solve nearly all kind of Machine Vision tasks only with a mouse click. Time to market is the imperative of Eye Vision 4 grants you 100% inspection of your products.

EyeVision 4: Our software - reliable as always with even more functions:

EyeVision 4 areas of application:
New Features of EyeVision 4
The newest version of our software comes with more than 200 new features:

5 EyeVision Software Packages - individually extendable:
The packages contain different command sets. But the extendibility of the EyeVision software are unlimited: You can add any command any time to any package. Additionally, there are special command sets such as:  ChipControl (for the semiconductor industry)  Commands for color inspection  Code Reader commands Those can also be added to each package. Individually, depending on application and demand. Additionally, the EyeVision is available on the smart camera series EyeCheck and the vision sensor series EyeSens.
System requirements, interfaces, use:
  • Operation System:    Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), Embedded Systems: ARM (x86 64 Bit)
  • Required CPU (Min.):     x86: 1 GHz or faster (Intel ATOM, AMD E350 and faster CPU’s) ARM : 0,8 GHz Zynq and faster ; Nvidia Xavier
  • Required RAM:    2D: Min. 4G recommended 3D: 8GB or 16GB recommended
  • Required hard drive capacity:    32 GByte for GUI Systems, 8 MByte for non GUI Systems
  • Screen resolution (Min.):    Min 1680 x 1050 Pixel*) *) Small resolution possible with restrictions
  • Process integration/ communication:    Variable communication models Communication partner: PLC, robot, external control software
  • Communication protocols*:    TCP/IP UDP, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Beckhoff TwinCAT, EtherCAT, OPC UA, MQTT, Profibus DP board, PLC Link, XML / JSON, RS 232 (*depending on PC and operating system) Webserver Integrated, Eyeview; PCon Lan Router
  • Supported hardware:    Cameras with following interface:  USB 2.0, 3.0  GigE  GenICam compatible  FireWire  Camera Link  RS232  CoaXPress  Analogue
  • SDK:    SDK for command plugins and VIC image acquisition available Runtime integration, C+; C++; Phyton and others
  • Image processing:    Object recognition, DMC, QR, Barcode, OCR/OCV, Measuring, Filtering, Machine learning, Deep learning; Thermo, Hyperspectral
  • 3D Area processing:    Geometry measuring, Object recognition, Pick&Place, Preprocessing, Matching
  • 3D Profile processing:    Capture, Matching, Position, Geometry