micro ScoutCam 3.0     3.0mm diameter camera - Alrad
micro ScoutCam 3.0     3.0mm diameter camera - Alrad

micro ScoutCam 3.0 3.0mm diameter camera

micro ScoutCam 3.0   3.0mm diameter camera

micro ScoutCam 3.0S measures at only 3.0mm (camera diameter) x 15mm (camera length), features superb image quality for it's size and is uniquely designed to reach hard to access areas of the human anatomy or external environments.

The camera comes ready for integration into devices that require direct visualization, such as endoscopes or borescopes, micro SocoutCam 3.0 is the ideal solution for companies in the medical or industrial fields that wish to develop their own flexible or rigid devices.



1) Medical - Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, gynaecology, etc.

2) Industrial - Remote non-destructive testing (NDT), micro drilling inspection, cavities inspection, tube inspection, robotic tooling etc.

Key Features:

  • Diameter of Camera:   3.0 mm
  • Sensor Technology:   CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution:   500(H) x 582V) - 291,000 Pixels
  • 140 degree FOV
  • Ready for integration into various devices
  • completely waterproof
  • Camera cable length (default):   3m


  • Outer Diameter:   3.0 mm
  • Length (Including Optics):   15 mm
  • Longitudinal resolution:   500 pixels
  • Lateral resolution:   582 pixels
  • sensor resolution:   291,000 pixels
  • Cable diameter (default):   1.85 mm
  • Cable length (default):   3 meters
  • Frame rate:   30 fps
  • Filed of view:   140 degrees
  • Depth of Field:   5mm ~ 100mm
  • Sensor type:   CMOS
  • Scan mode:   Interlaced
  • Working distance (default):   *20 mm
  • Colour Mosaic:   Ye, Cy, Mg, G

*Note: this value can be modified to a smaller or a larger value when manufacturing the camera