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QM1 Questar Short Mount Long Distance Microscope

QM1   Questar Short Mount Long Distance Microscope

The QM 1, for which Questar Corporation received an IR-100 award in 1983, was the first of a new series of long-distance microscopes. It has a working range of 22 to 66 inches, a 30 to 1 variability in field of view, and remarkable depth of field, linearity and chromatic correction which make it an indispensable tool for a wide variety of laboratory and industrial applications. The QM 1 includes two selectable ports, and is compatible with standard eyepieces, 35 mm, and video formats.


Type:  Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric

Working Range:  560 mm (22 inches) to 1520 mm (66 inches), subject plane to front element.

Clear Aperture:  89 mm (3.5 inches).

Entrance Pupil:  Primary Mirror 96 mm (3.8 inches).

Relative Aperture/Numerical Aperture:  Working Distance  Num.Aper.  F/num.

1400 mm (55 inches)  .0288  16.8

1020 mm (40 inches)  .0385  12.9

700 mm (27.5 inches)  .0511  10

560 mm (22 inches)  .0580  8.7

Resolution:  Better than 3 microns at 22 inches

Magnification:  To 125 times visual, to 12 times at image plane.

Format:  Diffraction limited field 12 mm, 18 mm nearly diffraction limited.

Back Focal Distance:  70 mm (2.75 inches) minimum measured from back plate.

Optics  Corrector: BK7, Magnesium Fluoride Coated, 89 mm (3.5 inch) diameter.

Primary Mirror: Pyrex, Aluminum Coated, SiO overcoated, 96 mm (3.8 inch) diameter.

Secondary Mirror: Aluminum Coated, R1 surface of corrector, 22 mm (.87 inch) diameter.

Baffling: Helix in central tube, all interior surfaces black anti-reflection coated.

Mechanical  Barrel: Aluminum Hollow Bar, machined full length, with integrated lens cell and mount, black anodized exterior finish.

Length (with control box) 30.5 cm (12 inches); Outside diameter 10.8 cm (4.25) inches. Weight 3.7 pounds.

Rear Closure Plate:  With stainless steel central tube - precision machining and alignment after assembly.

Focusing Mechanism:  Mirror thimble integral with stainless steel sliding tube. Slides on fixed, stainless steel light baffle tube (centerless ground).

Control Box:  Cast Aluminum, selectible axial or 90o port. Internally mounted 1.5X Barlow selectable for 90o port, flick knob controlled.

Knobs:  Aluminum 24S-T4, corrosion-resistant, hand-turned on turret lathe, stainless steel shafts and levers.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.