MS4717 Fixed Mount Imager - Alrad
MS4717 Fixed Mount Imager - Alrad

MS4717 Fixed Mount Imager

All-in-One Kiosk Barcode Scanning Solution

From the food ordering kiosk in the quick-serve restaurant, to the ticketing kiosk at the airport or amusement park, you need a reliable device that can be mounted easily into your kiosk with little effort. The MS4717 has a small footprint that can be integrated into a wide variety of enclosures from multiple sides enabling ease of installation. Featuring Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the MS4717 can instantly capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode providing flexibility for a wide range of applications. Enjoy award-winning data capture technology, ease of integration, high reliability and superior performance with the MS4717 Fixed Mount Imager.

Aggressive Presentation Mode Performance

The MS4717 features Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for unparalleled presentation scanning performance on virtually any 1D & 2D barcode, including dense, poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, faded, distorted, low-contrast, and glossy printed barcodes, as well as barcodes on plastic ID cards or from mobile phone displays. With the popularity of mobile phone applications increasing, electronic versions of tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards are now easily scanned with MS4717 providing a high level of customer convenience. With the bright, rectangular illumination field and the LED aiming dot, users will instantly know if they are aiming at the right spot for exceptional ease of use. Options for either software trigger or presentation mode scanning provide the flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

Designed for Easy Integration

The MS4717 is an all-in-one scanning solution that features a small footprint and mounting hole locations on five sides, so it can easily be positioned to fit into tight locations to accommodate the design of your enclosure. It also includes a Micro USB connector that supports standard off-the-shelf cables to match your design requirements. Multiple cable routing options on the MS4717 helps to minimize cable clutter for a clean overall installation within your enclosure. The MS4717 comes out of the box with all the product approvals and certifications needed to minimize design cycles and regulatory approval cycles. Integration into your product design is easy — no optical, mechanical or electrical engineering required.

Built-to-Last Durable Design

With your installations likely spread out across many locations, it is important that your fixed mount imager is made to last with a durable design for maximum uptime. The MS4717 features a Gorilla® Glass exit window for outstanding scratch resistance, and its IP54 sealing specification is suitable for outdoor applications such as at the gate admissions turnstile at the local sports arena to uncovered parking access gates. The MS4717 also has a rating of multiple 5ft/1.5m drops to concrete to protect it in the unlikely event of a drop during a routine service or field installation of your enclosure. For added reliability, a secure USB cable locking clip is included to prevent it from coming loose or disconnecting.