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FL-20 20 megapixels

FL-20   20 megapixels, capturing high-definition detailed images in one shot

The FL 20's 1-inch sensor image can cover the most uniform central area of the image plane, with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels, you can capture the high-definition details of your samples in one shot.

High resolution

Thermoelectric cooling noise reduction technology to meet more professional color fluorescence imaging needs

As with the top-level sCMOS camera technology from Tucsen, the FL-20 cooled camera operates at -15 °C and can ensure long-term reliable operation, significantly reducing the hot pixels caused by the accumulation of dark current, and obtaining a purer fluorescent background image. More than twice the sensitivity of a CCD, to meet the needs of professional fluorescence imaging.

high resolution

Real-time intelligent image processing, focused on improving image quality

Without sacrificing speed and image information, the FL-20 offers a variety of real-time intelligent image processing capabilities that allow you to view and capture flawless sample images in real time with the push of a button.

noise reduction

>50 frames per second high speed video

With a guaranteed field of view, the FL 20 offers a variety of high-speed imaging modes that can be adjusted for fast focus and positioning for an efficient image capture experience.


Revolutionary PC Computing Imaging Software Mosaic V2.1

Unique from the cumbersome process of traditional technology to obtain images after processing, the Mosaic V2.0 provides real-time image stitching and real-time depth of field fusion. This can automatically complete the image while the operator moves the stage - productivity at its best.

application software