FL-BC1220-9M - Alrad



Fixed focal length lens, high-resolution, compact 9 Megapixel lens, with locking screws, for C- and CS- Mount cameras

High resolving power of 135 lp/mm from centre to corners of the image

Remarks Pixel Pitch: 3.69 µm
Format 1" (1.1")
Mount C
Focal Length 12.0 mm
Iris Range F2 - 16
Iris Type Manual
Max. iris aperture 1:2.0
Focus control Manual
Minimum Object Distance 80 mm
Filter size in mm 40.5 x 0.5
Dimensions in mm Ø42 x 60.5
Weight 156 g
Temperature range -10°C bis +50°C
Comment Back focal length: 14.5 mm
Horizontal Angle Of View 1/3" 22.7°
Horizontal Angle Of View 1/2" 30.0°
Horizontal Angle Of View 2/3" 40.6°
Horizontal Angle Of View 1" 57.0°
Resolution 9M