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IMPACT+ Object Detector


IMPACT+ OBJECT DETECTOR is the most effective machine vision solution for fast and reliable object detection applications for T&L Industry. Based on the P-Series platform, it enables object detection over cross-belts, tilt-trays and other conveyor types ensuring the highest logistic efficiency.

IMPACT+ OBJECT DETECTOR is a turnkey solution including the new P14 Smart Camera powered by an intuitive user-friendly software interface, non-annoying infrared illuminators, connection box and cables for quick installation.The software has been designed to guide users along the configuration process making the inspection configuration quicker and simpler than ever.

Combined with an easy-to-mount infrared bandpass filter, extremely powerful infrared LED illuminators guarantee outstanding robust image acquisition against external light variations without any annoying flashing for operators.

Compared to photo-eye based object detection systems, IMPACT+ OBJECT DETECTOR guarantees detection of even very flat items.