L5083MK100-2E  (8192 x 2) CameraLink Monochrome - Alrad

L5083MK100-2E (8192 x 2) CameraLink Monochrome

L5083MK100-2E  (8192 x 2) CameraLink Monochrome

Technical features:

  • CameraLink interface supports Full/Medium/Base mode with theoretical maximum 5.44G bandwidth
  • Supports multiple image data formats
  • Supports flat field correction for multiple user groups
  • Software trigger/ Hardware trigger /Free run mode
  • Conforms to CameraLink protocol and GenICam standard

Product size:

Application / Industry :

Widely used in agriculture sorting、PCB inspection、paper surface inspection、UVS、railway inspection、post sorting、textile surface inspection and TFES etc.
Product Parameters :
Model L5083MK100-2E
SNR 40dB
Dynamic Range 70.7dB
Sensitivity 450 LSB/(nJ/cm²)
 CameraLink is used for camera control and data transmission 
Image Format  Mono8/10/12 
Gain X1~X4
Exposure Time  1.5μs~6553.5μs 
Dimensions   125mmx60mmx28.5mm( not including lens mount and rear case connector) 
Weight  360g 
Flat field correction  Support the import/export of correction result 
Power Supply   DC power supply by Hirose connector, with voltage range from 12V to 24V  
Power Consumption  7.5W
Lens Mount  F\T2\M42×1 
Temperature Storage temperature: -30° C~ + 80° C; Operation temperature: -30° C~+50° C