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M116 Series CIS Modules

M116 Series CIS Modules

Our 300 - 600 dpi contact image sensors are available in sizes from 216 mm to 24 mm. The M116 series of modules is based on our dual resolution 300/600 dpi C116 silicon.  Available in aluminum or plastic, 1 or 3 video outputs, the devices can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

Module Name Sensor Length LED CLK MHz (µSec/line)
M116-A4C3 216 R,G,B 5.0 300 / 600 
M116-A6C1 108 R,G,B 5.0 300 / 600 
M116-A6C3 108 R,G,B 5.0 200 / 400 
M116-24B1 24 Blue 5.0 50 / 100



The timing diagram indicates a device with a single video output.  The device can be fully scanned in  2,630 clock cycles (38 inactive clock cycles plus 2,592 clock cycles) for the video signal. 

In the example, some amount of overscan can be seen. Since this device uses a global shutter, the overscan period will expose the sensor elements for the next readout cycle.

The second diagram is the same device except that the user has selected 300 dpi resolution mode. In this case, it will require 38 + 1296 clock cycles to read the sensor fully.


A wide variety of illumination techniques and spectrum are available on all of our devices. Custom illumination available upon request.