M206 Series CIS Modules - Alrad
M206 Series CIS Modules - Alrad

M206 Series CIS Modules

M206 Series CIS Modules

Our M206 600 dpi contact image sensors are based on high speed double data rate C206 silicon. Available only in aluminum, these devices are designed to meet demanding commercial requirements. Dual LED illumination provides excellent signal needs for high speed applications.


  • High Speed: Up to 10 MHz pixel rate
  • Sensitivity: Up to 100V/Lux-Sec for 600 dpi
  • 344 x 1 image sensing elements
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • 42.3 mm pixel center-to-center spacing
  • On-chip timing and clock driver
  • On chip OP amplifier
  • Very low fixed pattern noise
  • Single 5 V or 3.3 V power supply
  • 3.3 V input signal interface
Module Name Sensor Length LED CLK MHz (µSec/line/color)
M206-A3C 305 R,G,B 4.1 300
M206-A4C 218 R,G,B 1.0 3000
M206-A4C4 218 R,G,B 5.0 200
M206-A6C2 102 R,G,B 4.0 200
M206-A6M 102 UV,R,IR 4.0




The C206 uses a double data rate where the video data is available on the raising and falling edges of the clock. This device requires 27 clock signals before video data is ready to be read.


A wide variety of illumination techniques and spectrum are available on all of our devices. Custom illumination is available upon request.