Model 2701X Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace - Alrad

PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace

PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace

The customisable Cianflone PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace will melt alloys up to approximately 3600° F. The sample charge can be in the form of slugs, cuttings, drillings, powders, etc. A charge of 50 grams of steel will provide a sample of 1-1/4 inch diameter and approximately 1/4 inch thick. Its primary use is for the preparation of spectrographic samples and in alloy research.

The PortaMelt is a low-cost, low-maintenance solution that offers pure melts of powder, metallic and non-metallic buttons, compound synthesis, and material densification.


  • High temperature (3600°F)
  • Melting times are in 1 minute or less
  • Vacuum sample production (sample produced under gas atmosphere.)
  • Mirror for easy viewing of the melting process
  • Water-cooled copper crucible tiltable for quick, easy, and safe sample removal
  • Heating process creates a mixing action
  • Anodes available in carbon graphite and tungsten
  • Customizable or ready to ship
  • Power Source can be provided by the customer