NSC1601-SI - Alrad


InGaAs NSC1601-SI

The NSC1601-SI is our flagship sensor. Featuring a unique dual mode, High sensitivity with a pure linear response and High Dynamic Range with a logarithmic response, the NSC1601-SI can easily meet the requirements of the most challenging applications.

The NSC1601-SI is integrated in our WiDy SenS camera product line.

Technical specifications:

Resolution 640 x 512
Pixel size 15µm x 15µm
Spectral response 900nm – 1700nm
Frame rate 225 fps
Output Analog
Readout noise <50 e- (Linear mode)
Readout mode

Global shutter

Gated Imaging

Dynamic Range

120dB (Log mode)

63dB (CTIA low gain)

49dB (CTIA High gain)

Package Metal Package (OEP252)