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P2x Series Smart Camera

P2x- Series
the P2x Series from Datalogic, the ultimate Smart Camera with the unparalleled performance and flexibility of a full-blown vision system.  The heavyweight specifications packed into the industrial-grade camera housing will let you tackle the most demanding application requirements. The small form factor and large field of view make it the ideal camera on your Robot Guidance Application. The powerful and feature-rich built-in lighting system means that you can use this on production lines running all shapes sizes, and colors. Powerful processing power allows for use at the highest of production speeds.

The P2x Series, with its 2 MP resolution and choice of multi-colored illumination, is a versatile solution for manufacturing applications in automotive, electronics, food & beverage, and medical & pharma. It serves as an authority on verifying that components are positioned and assembled correctly before moving into the next phase of the manufacturing process.