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pCamera-4K Standalone Remote Camera Head System

pCamera-4K    Standalone Remote Camera Head System

A full 9 MegaPixel 4K All-In-One Camera, Streaming, Recorder Solution

The 4K Camera Solutions provided by Enciris are best suited for applications where robustness, reliability and long-term availability are critical and are typically used in high-performance medical, laboratory, industrial, and aerospace systems. Combining the Enciris Full ISP (Image Signal Processing) and the best CMOS Sensors the Enciris camera systems are designed to perform to the highest standards in harsh environments.

In the premium version an embedded Linux device will produce a 4K UHD image via multiple 4K video output connectors at the same time while allowing the user to enter data, capture 4K UHD video and 4K UHD still images, live stream video over IP and playback 4K UHD video.


  • Full 4K UHD & HD Video/Still Image Recording (3840 X 2160P 30/50/60Hz)
  • 4K UHD recorded/captured files: H.264, .mp4, JPEG, PNG
  • Live stream camera video over IP via RTSP protocol
  • Control entire software from integrated 12.7 cm touch screen
  • Supports Enciris Full ISP (Image Signal Processing) for advanced demosaicing, color correction, noise filtering, scalers, exposure control, enhancements …
  • Available with 1/2″, 1/3″ and 2/3″ CMOS sensors
  • Ultra-compact sensor board set
  • Optional C or CS mount enclosure for the camera head with possible tripod mount. Custom mechanical designs, enclosures and lens mount are posible
  • Genlock input and outputs available
  • Fully FPGA based with the possibility of adding customer IP