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SE2100 Imager Scan Engine

Until now, you’ve been relying on standard off-the-shelf cameras to enable your low-cost designs with barcode scanning and settling for less-than-desired performance. Now, you no longer have to choose between cost and scanning quality. Introducing the Zebra SE2100, a tiny turnkey imager engine and illumination system that is smaller than a penny, ready to fit in your most space constrained, low-cost product designs. This entry-level scanner is competitively priced with off-the-shelf cameras — but unlike those cameras, the SE2100 offers the high quality barcode scanning performance that has made Zebra the long-term
leader in scanning technology. The result? You can provide the scanning performance your business-class users require, while improving your margins.

Improve the User Experience with High Performance 1D/2D Barcode Scanning.
The SE2100’s fixed focus lens is designed specifically to deliver snappy performance and accurate scanning — unlike the typical camera that is integrated into consumer-style mobile devices. And since the SE2100 delivers the same unsurpassed decode algorithms that are in all of Zebra mobile computers and barcode scanners, users will enjoy first time capture of even damaged and poorly printed barcodes, eliminating the exceptions that are common with off-the-shelf cameras — exceptions that can frustrate users and diminish the overall experience. field, users will instantly know if they are aiming at the right place — unlike standard cameras that require a display to confirm where the imager is pointed.

MIPI Interface to Support the Newest Platforms. 
The SE2100 supports the next generation MIPI interface. Now, you can utilize the latest processors in your designs without sacrificing cost, integration time or precious space for incremental hardware components. The result? Faster time to market and reduced costs.

Flexibility to Scan Mobile Barcodes.
In addition to traditional barcodes printed on paper labels, the SE2100 can also capture 1D and 2D barcodes displayed on the screen of a mobile device — such as mobile coupons, mobile gift cards, mobile loyalty cards and more.

Guaranteed Availability.
Other cameras typically have extremely short product life cycles, introducing uncertainty into your supply chain — will the imager you choose today still be available in the near future? With Zebra’s 2100, the answer is a definite yes. You can count on the SE2100’s long lifecycle
to protect your product roadmap, product lifecycle and profitability.

Tiny “Fits Anywhere” Form Factor.
Much smaller than typical scan engines, the SE2100 is a complete imager-plus-illumination system, designed to support very thin space-constrained OEM device designs, such as Mobile POS payment accessories and sleds.

Reduce Cost, Space and Power.
Requirements with Software Decode With Zebra’s Software Decode Library (SDL), decoding is performed entirely in software, eliminating the need for decode hardware. With fewer components to purchase and power, battery cycle times are increased and costs are reduced. And since you no longer need to allocate space for decode hardware,
the SE2100 offers one of the tiniest footprints available, making it possible to integrate
high performance barcode scanning into practically any product.

Omni-directional Scanning — Just Point and Go
The SE2100’s omni-directional scanning offers unparalleled ease of use. There is never a need to align barcode and scanner, literally eliminating the need for training.

Well-defined Illumination Field for Intuitive Use
The SE2100’s intuitive illumination aimer ensures first time accurate capture of barcodes. With the bright illumination