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ThingMagic EL6e

ThingMagic EL6e enables easy integration of embedded RFID into OEM designs. Based on the industry-proven ThingMagic Nano module, the EL6e adds interface and operability features that allow engineers to minimize design efforts and quickly embed an RFID module in any application that requires midor short-range read distance. The EL6e supports autonomous workflows permitting rapid creation of solutions without RFID expertise nor the use of SDKs and integration tools, and it’s among the first products in the market to support a new developer-friendly interface between applications and RAIN RFID readers, the RAIN Communication Interface.

Features & Benefits:

  • Built around proven ThingMagic Nano module
  • Highly integrated UHF RFID reader with ARM based Cortex-M4 architecture
  • Optional board-mounted antenna with read range up to 2 meters
  • Standard options for USB or Serial RS232 interface, and custom configurations for SPI, I2C or RS485
  • Pre-loaded Autonomous Workflows simplify integration
  • RAIN Communication Interface supports RAIN RFID technology standards
  • Support for EPCglobal Gen 2V2 Protocol (ISO 18000- 63)


  • Speed and ease of integration due to all-in-one embedded solution that includes reader module, antenna (optional), and processor to RFIDenable applications.
  • Among the first products in the market to support a new developer friendly interface between applications and RAIN RFID readers – RAIN Communication Interface (RCI)
  • Comes pre-loaded with a selection of Autonomous Workflows for the most common use cases. Allows users to operate without RFID expertise, SDKs and integration tools.
  • The simplicity of the keyboard emulation mode allows data transfer across multiple platforms, without the need for custom application interface.
  • Design is highly configurable and can be customized for unique applications. Contact JADAK to discuss how EL6e can be tailored to fit your specific application. Ideally suited scenarios include:
  • Bulk-reading a small set of items, like instruments in a surgical kit
  • Reading a specific item but looking for longer range than HF RFID can provide
  • Final item verification for inventory or returns processing
  • Updating tag information with item usage information
  • RFID tag commissioning

Application Areas:

  • Medical Equipment for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Kit assembly and returns processing stations
  • Access gates in parking garages, ski lift gates, and other applications