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ThingMagic Micro (UHF) RAIN RFID

Tiny 2-Port, Embedded Reader Module

High Performance, Multi-Protocol 2-Port, Embedded UHF RAIN® RFID Module ThingMagic Micro is one of the smallest 2-port, multi-protocol, high performance embedded UHF RAIN RFID modules. ThingMagic Micro delivers the size, operating efficiency, power, and flexibility needed to embed UHF RFID into applications where small form factor is important. Its exceptionally small size and powerful performance yield increased efficiency, reduced development costs, and time-to-market advantages.

ThingMagic Micro can read up to 750 tags per second and features low power consumption. Its wide RF output level range, from -10 to +30 dBm (1 W), allows it to be used in short range printers or long range readers. Its antenna ports make it easy to embed into demanding applications. It is equipped with UART and USB 2.0 control/data interfaces.

ThingMagic Micro is supported by ThingMagic API.

Features & Benefits

  • Small Form Factor Coupled with Powerful Performance
  • RF Power Output of +30 dBm Results in Tag Read Distance Over 9 Meters
  • Support for EPCglobal Gen2V2 (ISO 18000-63) Protocol
  • Optional Protocols: AEI ATA, IP-X and ISO 18000-6B
  • Reads up to 750 Tags/ Second to Support Fast Moving Tags and Large Tag Populations
  • Configured for Multiple Regions, such as FCC (North & South America), ETSI (European Union), and other Regions including India, China, Korea, Australia and Japan


  • Handheld Devices and Scanners
  • Mobile/Portable
  • Stationary
  • Battery-operated
  • RFID-Enabled Printers, Desktop and Portable
  • Tag Commissioning Stations
  • Point of Sale Devices
  • Smartphone Accessories