X-Y Adjustment Laser Diode Module - Alrad

X-Y Adjustment Laser Diode Module

The LDM-2 X-Y Adjustment Laser Diode Module is a very rugged unit which is encapsulated in an aircraft grade anodised aluminum case and only weighs 33 grams. The X-Y adjustment mechanism allows for precision movement of the laser beam to achieve perfect bore-sighting.


The LDM-2 laser module measures 16mm diam x 56mm long. The laser diode module comes with Allen keys allowing for the x-y adjustment to be carried out. Once in position, the LDM-2 laser module holds its zero very well, even in environments where high shock exists. The laser diode module can come with either red/blue flying leads or with a 2 core LDM cable. The unit can also be operated off a battery pack containing 2 AA batteries.

The LDM-2 X-Y Adjustment Laser Diode Module includes slow start, reverse polarity and over voltage protection, and is available with a pulsing option and internal battery if required.  The LDM-2 is used as laser sight (LS-700, LS-800 or LS-700IR) or in laser range finding applications



  • Precision X and Y adjustment of the laser beam
  • Rugged design that holds zero under shock
  • Anodised aircraft grade aluminium case
  • Compact design 16mm dia. x 56mm long
  • Slow start, reverse polarity and over voltage protection