MVC Conference 2022 - Automation and Process Control Applications In Visible and Non-Visible (Thermal) Wavelengths

This presentation is a brief overview of some of the typical applications which can be solved with the components and systems ALRAD Instruments provides to the Automation an Machine Vision markets


  • Imaging applications in the Near Ultraviolet NUV or UV-A region 315~400nm
  • Cameras and Components for Machine Vision and Automation
  • Image Acquisition Components
  • Embedded Cameras and Components for AI and Deep Learning
  • Cameras and Components for Microscopy and Metrology
  • Components for Imaging and Accessories
  • Polarsens Polarising Cameras
  • Introduction of Prism Spectroscopic Imaging for NUV, Visible, NIR and SWIR imaging
  • Near Ultraviolet Imaging – NUV or UV-A region 315~400nm
  • Near-Infrared Imaging – NIR (IR-A) region 800~1400nm
  • Short Wave Infrared Imaging – SWIR (IR-B) region 1400~3000nm
  • Thermal Imaging cameras and applications
  • Mid and Long Wave Infrared (Thermal) Imaging MWIR LWIR (IR-C) region 3µm~15µm
  • TeraHertz Imaging and it’s applications - THz region 75mm~75µm (40 GHz to 10 THz)