ALRAD Online Exhibition

  • MVC Conference 2022 - Automation and Process Control Applications In Visible and Non-Visible (Thermal) Wavelengths

    This presentation is a brief overview of some of the typical applications which can be solved with the components and systems ALRAD Instruments pro...
  • High Speed Interface Technologies for Machine Vision Machine Vision Conference 2022

    This presentation focuses on the popular GigE interface and the growth in speed and resolution which can be achieved with the latest cameras, in pa...
  • ALRAD Instruments Online at the PPMA Machine Vison Conference 15th July 2021

    GigE Cameras – The growth in Speed and Application Areas

    The growth of Gigabit Ethernet Camera applications with the increase in bandwidth and speed from the standard or 10 Gigabit Ethernet , through 25, 50 to the latest 100 Gigabit Ethernet camera technology with high resolution and high frame rates. This presentation also explores the corresponding development of image acquisition technology and data transmission methods for lower system cost whilst increasing performance.

  • ALRAD Instruments - Vacuum Division Overview

    Components for Vacuum and Satellite related applications including Channel Electron Multipliers (CEMs), Long Range Microscopes and Custom CMOS Imag...
  • ALRAD Instruments - Imaging Division Overview

    Imaging components and Cameras from UV through visible to SWIR and polarising, lenses for complete microscopy and machine vision
  • ALRAD Instruments - Photonics Division Overview

    Photonic components and products, including compact diode laser modules, laser protection eyewear, precision optics and diffraction gratings, photodiodes and thermopiles, and equipment for optical metrology of electronic displays
  • ALRAD Instruments Online at the PPMA Machine Vison Conference 14th May 2020