July 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

*ALRAD's New On-Line Shop goes live !

*UV-C Air Disinfection Systems - Fighting Covid-19 and other harmful pathogens with UV light

*ZLP1 - The compact, powerful and easy to use Laser projector for 2D and 3D applications

*Diffraction Gratings for all applications

*The New LP8000 Germanium DLC coated LWIR protective windows from MidOpt, designed to withstand harsh environments.

*Enjoying the Night Sky with The Imaging Source Astronomy Camera Range

*Application note: Remote viewing of Analogue Astronomy cameras via Video to USB 2.0 converters.

Newsletter Archive 2020

June 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* ALRAD's New board and housed cameras from The Imaging Source with SONY CMOS Sensors
* Ultra-miniature ScoutCamTM endoscope cameras
* The Newsight Imaging NSI1000 area image sensor
* Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-A LED light sources for sterilizing and curing applications

* Biomedical and Bioanalytical Lasers
* Application note: FPD Link III enabling remote camera head operation up to 15 meters.

June 2020 PPE and Temperature Screening Special Newsletter

In this issue:

* Touch Free Access Control - MinMoe Temperature Screening

* Handheld Thermographic Temperature Screening Systems helping 'back to work', 'back to school' and 'back to the shops'

* PPE Sneeze Guards for industrial and General Use

* Temperature screening, metal detector and people counting gateway

* SpectraLIT™️ First of its kind spectrometer based on Newsight’s disruptive technology

May 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* ALRAD's New Thermal Imaging and Temperature Screening line-up

* MIPI and FDP Link III Embedded Cameras

*Deep Ultraviolet UV-C Sterilization

* Structured Light Pattern Generating Laser

* APPLICATION NOTE for Positioning Lasers

* ALRAD presentation 'Out of Sight - Imaging beyond the visible spectrum' online at the UKIVA Machine Vision Technology Hub.

April 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* Industrial Machine Vision Cameras

* GigE Housed Zoom Cameras

* New product ZD-Green Laser

* Mounting solutions for machine Vision and automation systems

* SIGN UP  for the UKIVA Machine Vision Technology Hub live from the 14th May

January 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* ALRAD Instruments celebrates 50 Years in the industry.

* New IP67 rated miniature housed embedded cameras and board level embedded cameras

* Human body temperature measurement solutions

* Coherent StinRay structured light lasers for machine vision

* Swivelling Robot and Cobot mounting accessories