April 2021 Newsletter

In this issue:

* 10, 25, 50 and 100GigE camera Technology for High-speed High-resolution Imaging - Now supporting NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ for Autonomous Machine Applications

* The New 100GigE camera from Emergent Vision Technologies is now shipping

* GigE Vision Industrial Cameras: High-performance, Versatility & Reliability

*Machine Vision Optics from VS Technology

* Industrial Temperature Measurement with the New AT31 and AT61 Thermal imagers from ALRAD Instruments

*Angular Spectral Measurements of Displays with the New CubeX-150 from ELDIM

* The PIXCI® mf2280 Smallest Full Camera Link Frame Grabber

* Technical Notes - Updates for The Imaging Source Embedded Camera Linux Library

* ALRAD Online Exhibition

March 2021 Imaging Spotlight

In this March 2021 Imaging Spotlight we focus on High-Speed Imaging with both Area and Line Scan cameras using the new high speed 10, 25, 50 and 100GigE technology and the capture hardware for Cameralink, CoaXPress and future interface techologies

* The New 12MP ultra high-speed 25GigE SFP28 interface camera from Emergent Vision Technologies featuring the new Sony 12MP Pregius S sensor IMX535

* High-speed 10, 25, 50 and 100GigE cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies

* 10GigE Pace and 25GigE Accel Line Scan Cameras for Emergent Vision Technologies

* Falcon High-speed FPGA Imaging from YantraVision 

* BitFlow High-speed capture cards

March 2021 Newsletter

In this issue:

• 100GigE cameras from Emergent VisionTechnologies

• Ximea announces new camera models withSony CMOS Pregius S sensors

• Kowa's New Ultra-High Resolution Lens Series

• pCamera-4K Devkit PCIe based cameraand acquisition solution

• Compact Multi Wave 405 - 850 nm Laser Enginewith variable power from World Star Tech

• The StingRay Development kit for StructuredLight Pattern Generation

• Application Note: Optical analysis of Displays

• ALRAD Online Exhibition

February 2021 Imaging Spotlight

In this February 2021 Imaging Spotlight we focus on non-standard Industrial Imaging cameras using a variety of technologies and wavelengths:

• ALRAD offers HyperSpectral Imaging Solutions to the Machine Vision and Automation Sectors

• MultiSpectral Imaging with Bluevision

• Remote head cameras for industrial inspection

• Ultra-miniature endoscope cameras forindustrial, inspection and medical applications

• Embedded vision camera modules

• Check out our other technology divisions at ALRAD Instruments

February 2021 Newsletter

In this issue:

• Caeleste Custom CMOS Image Sensors

• HuaRay 2K, 4K and 8K Line Scan Cameras

• HuaRay Movidius, X86 Smart cameras & Codereaders

• Wide Application Range of Machine VisionLenses from Computar

• StingRay structured light pattern generatinglaser

• ELDIM Production line solutions for metrology

• Axion-xB Camera Link Frame Grabbers fromBitFlow

• ALRAD Online Exhibition

Photonics Spotlight

In this February 2021 Photonics Spotlight:

• StingRay structured light pattern generatinglaser

• Compact multiwave 405 - 850 nm laser enginewith variable power

• Accurate alignment of steel plates with lasers

• Alignment lasers for bevel saws, multi-bladesaws, format circular saws and crosscut saws.

Technology Update January 2021

In this Technology Update:

• Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) Air Disinfection Systems

• Medical Body Temperature Screening Solutions

• Endoscope Cameras

• Remote Head Cameras

• Thermopile Sensors for Medical, Industrial and Scientific applications

• Personal Protection Equipment - Sneeze Guards

January 2021 Newsletter

In this issue:

* HyperSpectral Imaging with the Ximea XiSpec Cameras with USB3 Vision

* MultiSpectral Imaging with Bluevision

* Phlox Agreement Announcement for Machine Vision Lighting

* The Imaging Source - Embedded vision camera series

* Ricoh 9 Megapixel (1"format) and 12 Megapixel (1.1" format) * Lens seriesVS-Technology's new Liquid Lens.

*ELDIM EZLite-N for the angular emissions measurment of electronic displays

*Pearsons Wideband Current Monitors

*ALRAD Online Exhibition

Newsletter Archive 2020

December 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

• Introducing Zebra Technologies - ALRAD appointed as Zebra Gold distribution partner.
• TUCSEN Scientific Cameras for high image fidelity.
• EyeVision4 the new 64Bit vision software from EVT
• Video Converters for USB and HDMI.
• Phlox - Specialist Industrial lighting.
• High resolution Kowa 24MP Lenses for pixel sizes down to 2.5µm.

• Circular variable neutral density (CVND) filters with laser and broadband coating.
• Dexter Thermopiles - a technology overview.
• Application Note: Don't Replace Your Differential Machine Vision System - Upgrade it and Save Money!

• ALRAD On-Line Exhibition is Open with the latest edition featuring our range of Bluevision Multispectral Cameras.

November 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

• ALRAD Appointed as Distribution Partner for Emergent Vision Systems.

• Remote Head Cameras for Industrial, Automation, Medical, Broadcast and Inspection use.

• Don't replace your Differential Machine Vision system - Upgrade it with BitFlow.

• Linescan cameras 2, 4 and 8K from Huaray.

• Near-Ultraviolet Bandpass Filter with high transmission and contrast at 340nm.

• Bach Research - Heat Stop Mirror for the Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST)

• Silicon Photodiodes - Range of General Purpose, Infra red , eye response and custom.

• ALRAD On-Line Exhibition is Open with the latest edition featuring our Vacuum related products

October 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* Channel Electron Multipliers for space and research applications.

* CubeX-150 for angular spectral measurement of electronic displays.

* Long Distance Microscopy with the QUESTAR Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric Systems.

* Line Scan Camera Range: 2k, 4K, 8K and 16K Resolutions.

* 10GigE and 25GigE Interface High Resolution High Speed Cameras.

* ALRAD Instruments ONLINE EXHIBITION opens.

September 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

• The New USB to HDMI Video Converter from The Imaging Source

• The New Imaging Source MIPI and FPD-Link III Development Kits for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™

• Coherent StingRay Series - Pattern Projection

• Midwest Optical Systems introduces three NEW machine vision filters.

• Multi-Sector Illumination devices for machine vision

• The Sentech CoaXPress Camera Range

• Bitflow CLAXON Platform - The latest Quad CXP-12 PCIe Gen 3 frame grabber

• White Paper: Controlling CoaXPress Cameras from The BitFlow Software Development Kit

August 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* NEW from ALRAD !  The emergent Vision Technologies Ultra High-Speed 10 and 25 GigE Ethernet Cameras, accessories and software

* YantraVision - Our new Distribution Agreement - For FPGA Integrated Machine Vision products

* Newsight Imaging's enhanced Time-Of-Flight eTOF™ technology and the NSI1000 CMOS sensor

* The ZKV Adjustable Circular Laser module

* Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters (CVND) for customised beam intensity

* Application Note: Powerful UV-C Air Disinfection Systems Fighting Covid-19

July 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

*ALRAD's New On-Line Shop goes live !

*UV-C Air Disinfection Systems - Fighting Covid-19 and other harmful pathogens with UV light

*ZLP1 - The compact, powerful and easy to use Laser projector for 2D and 3D applications

*Diffraction Gratings for all applications

*The New LP8000 Germanium DLC coated LWIR protective windows from MidOpt, designed to withstand harsh environments.

*Enjoying the Night Sky with The Imaging Source Astronomy Camera Range

*Application note: Remote viewing of Analogue Astronomy cameras via Video to USB 2.0 converters.

June 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* ALRAD's New board and housed cameras from The Imaging Source with SONY CMOS Sensors
* Ultra-miniature ScoutCamTM endoscope cameras
* The Newsight Imaging NSI1000 area image sensor
* Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-A LED light sources for sterilizing and curing applications

* Biomedical and Bioanalytical Lasers
* Application note: FPD Link III enabling remote camera head operation up to 15 meters.

June 2020 PPE and Temperature Screening Special Newsletter

In this issue:

* Touch Free Access Control - MinMoe Temperature Screening

* Handheld Thermographic Temperature Screening Systems helping 'back to work', 'back to school' and 'back to the shops'

* PPE Sneeze Guards for industrial and General Use

* Temperature screening, metal detector and people counting gateway

* SpectraLIT™️ First of its kind spectrometer based on Newsight’s disruptive technology

May 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* ALRAD's New Thermal Imaging and Temperature Screening line-up

* MIPI and FDP Link III Embedded Cameras

*Deep Ultraviolet UV-C Sterilization

* Structured Light Pattern Generating Laser

* APPLICATION NOTE for Positioning Lasers

* ALRAD presentation 'Out of Sight - Imaging beyond the visible spectrum' online at the UKIVA Machine Vision Technology Hub.

April 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* Industrial Machine Vision Cameras

* GigE Housed Zoom Cameras

* New product ZD-Green Laser

* Mounting solutions for machine Vision and automation systems

* SIGN UP  for the UKIVA Machine Vision Technology Hub live from the 14th May

January 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

* ALRAD Instruments celebrates 50 Years in the industry.

* New IP67 rated miniature housed embedded cameras and board level embedded cameras

* Human body temperature measurement solutions

* Coherent StinRay structured light lasers for machine vision

* Swivelling Robot and Cobot mounting accessories

Newsletter Archive 2019

November 2019 Newsletter

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October 2019 Newsletter

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August 2019 Newsletter

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